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Package Trips to Israel: Discover the Beauty and Adventure with Israel Jeep Tourism

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From the winding alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City to the wonders of the Red Sea, Israel offers a diverse travel experience. Exploring this ancient land is not just a vacation, but a journey through history, culture, and geography. The planning of such a trip can be quite daunting, but a package trip combines adventure with simple planning.

No matter what you are keen on, spiritual places, or adventure, a package trip to Israel is convenient and affordable. In this deep dive into package trips, we highlight Israel Jeep Tourism, known for its off-road excursions that create unforgettable memories.

A Canvas of Adventure: Why Choose a Package Trip to Israel

  • The Charm of Convenience: Package trips are the only golden ticket in the travel world. They streamline the logistics of many aspects of the trip, from reservations and accommodations to vehicle rentals. In Israel, it is the luxury of visiting well-known sites without having to organize it yourself. In a package trip, you can rest and have everything from Western Wall in Jerusalem to floating in the Dead Sea.
  • The Gift of Affordability: Travel is enjoyable in life, but at a cost. A package trip can save you time and money, yet you can do and see all the best of Israel. There are so many affordable options out there that you can tailor your trip to your budget but still retain the quality.
  • The Thrill of Exploration: Israel is known for its historical importance and beautiful landscapes, and there is no other way to visit all of it than with a package tour. Thanks to the convenience of transportation and well-planned trips, you can find hidden gems and achieve different activities than before, but you still can leave with some unforgettable moments.
  • Cost-Effective Expedition: Israel’s image of being a costly destination can be overcome through the cost savings of a well-organized comprehensive package. Bundling flights, hotels, and activities with a deal enables international travelers to have a more palatable journey in terms of their finances.
  • The Unveiling of a Comprehensive Itinerary: Exploring the contrast between modern metropolises and ancient archaeological wonders calls for a well-planned itinerary. Package trips efficiently arrange these sights, guaranteeing you’ll experience the best with local insights and historical context.

Discovering Israel with Israel Jeep Tourism

  • Unparalleled Access to Remote Locations: Israel Jeep Tourism allows you to get to places that are not visited by most people due to their extremely remote location which display unique landscapes and historical sites.
  • Authentic Adventure Experience: Traveling in a rugged jeep offers a sense of adventure and authenticity, immersing you in the natural terrain of the Holy Land in a way that traditional tours cannot match.
  • Expert Guides Offering Local Insights: Guided by experts, each jeep is led by someone who has an intimate knowledge of the history and culture of the region and the fascinating stories and facts will make your journey more fascinating and bring the ancient surroundings alive.
  • Customizable Itineraries for Personal Interests: Israel Jeep Tourism offers custom experiences whether you are drawn to religious sites, natural wonders or just love the thrill of the drive.
  • Engaging Activities for All Ages: Offering a thrilling experience to adrenaline seekers or a fun of learning to family groups, these tours are an outing that suits every type of traveler.
  • Small Group Sizes for a Personalized Touch: The intimate setting of a small group allows you to find a more personalized way of learning, with more opportunities to interact with your guide and fellow adventurers.

What is Included in Your Packaged Trip?

Every aspect of your journey with Israel Jeep Tourism is carefully planned to offer you a flawless and rewarding journey. Here’s what’s included in your package trip to Israel:

  • Flights: Airfare to major international cities for flights to and from Israel.
  • Jeeps: Jeeps of good quality from the Suzuki Crossover class or a similar category for all safari trips.
  • Jeep Management Team: An expert team that includes a local guide, all necessary rescue gear, comprehensive first aid kit, and a full picnic set with cooking equipment.
  • Fuel: Jeeps have unlimited fuel throughout your tour, you can roam freely.
  • Walkie-Talkies: Each jeep is provided with a walkie talkie in order to stay in constant communication.
  • Accommodations: Pre-booked overnight stays are as per the itinerary to ensure you get the much needed rest and relaxation.
  • Nutrition:Half-board meal plans offering a blend of nutritious, local cuisine to start your day and cap your evenings.
  • Site Access: The entry fees to all of the iconic sites and natural reserves make the passage of these sites easier.
  • Highway Tolls: All necessary toll penalties are paid so that you can enjoy free movement on the country’s highway system.
  • Hydration on Trails: Sufficient bottled mineral water to always be hydrated on your hiking tracks during the hike.


The travelers who are lured to Israel are adventurers, history lovers, and souls who like to explore every corner. Israel Jeep Tourism, a destination for seamless exploration over diverse landscapes and historic sites. Their vision is ambitious, execution meticulous, and promise simple: make every mile a memory to cherish.

Israel Jeep Tourism is not just a tour provider for those who are geared up for an adventurous trip of exploration but a portal to a genuine Israeli itinerary. Discover the stories and views that are not told or seen on your personal journey. The only question is if you are ready to drive and go for the biggest adventure of your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Israel Jeep Tourism’s package tours in comparison with other tours in Israel?

What makes us unique is that we concentrate on tailoring personalized and intensive jeep tours, in which our clients can visit more exclusive places and live exceptional experiences in every corner of Israel. Trips are custom made for every traveler’s desire making the ultimate luxury, adventure and cultural trip unlike any other tour option in the country.

How Israel Jeep Tourism customizes its package trips for different groups of tourists?

The Israel Jeep Tourism customizes its package trips in close cooperation with travelers, who get to choose a specific desert safari or cultural and historical exploration. We customize itineraries, accommodations and activities to suit the specific preferences of families, solo travelers, couples or groups, creating a personalized and memorable experience for every traveler.

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