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How it works?

You Choose

Browse through our selection of unique custom tours in the North, South, or across the country, to find the best suited tour for your group.
Our unique custom tours all include self-driving 4X4 vehicles and are accompanied by a guide that leads the group throughout the tour. We have tours in the North of Israel, in the South, or a mix (across the country). 

We Organize

We organize everything - from jeeps to your hotel stay to logistics - that is required to make your tour perfect: the SUV rentals, the flights, the hotels & the stay, as well as guides, first aid, coffee kits, radios, tolls, site fees - we are your team on the ground that will set everything up.
We cater everything to your specific group and to your needs, making the tour memorable, unique, and perfect.

You Enjoy

When you arrive you'll be greeted by our team at the airport, with transfers and rentals ready and fueled up, we'll head out according to your tour plan.
Our tours are designed to be all inclusive, so that everything is taken care of for you, and you can sit back (literally) and enjoy a beautiful, unique, 4X4 self-driving tour.