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About Us


About Us

Israel Jeep Tourism shows you the landscapes of Israel in a way that's never been seen before!

We provide self-driving SUV tours, accompanied by a guide that leads the group throughout the State of Israel.
We steer away from the "classic" Israel tours, bringing you adrenaline-filled tours in Israel on SUV vehicles, visiting and driving off road to the most attractive, beautiful and hidden gems in Israel.

The tours have been carefully crafted, focusing on the green landscape of northern Israel on the one hand, and the wild beauty of the Israeli desert on the other. All the tours include sites that are more popular amongst travelers, such as the Masada National Park, the Dead Sea, the Sea of ​​Galilee and more. However, we focus on sites that are less known, authentic, beautiful and unique.

Custom tailored tours: The route of each tour is the same, but the nature of the experience - is completely different!

Your experience will be determined by the group members and will be catered specifically to them. Whether it is a trip for families, friends, colleagues or a bachelor party. Our guides will adapt to the group needs so that the pace, the challenges, and the atmosphere will be in accordance to the skill and desire of the group. Breaks, visits to various sites and more will be adapted to your needs as well. In each of our tours we incorporate short walking trails in attractive sites, especially for places that can not be reached with the vehicles. In these trails, the group will dictate the pace of progress and length of stay at each site - we are flexible and at your service. You build the group - we lead and take care of your every need, for a spectacular off road experience.

So how does it actually work?

Once you have decided on your group and its members, you select one of the the tours offered on our website, you fill out an online order form, and we get to work on planning your tour. We will get back to you with a final quote that includes the flights, accommodation, vehicle rentals, and everything else that is included in your tour.

As soon as you approve the quote and payment conditions, we get to work on carefully planning out every detail of your off road experience. We will be ready and waiting when you arrive in Israel.

Your guide will have an administrative vehicle that includes rescue equipment, first aid, a coffee set and more, and he will greet you at the airport, and accompany you in getting the vehicles, radios and then - we will start driving!

Each day is outlined in the tour plan, with flexibility and adjustments for your specific needs and desires. At the end of each day we will be greeted with a rich dinner that includes meat dishes at a good tourist class hotel in the area of the tour, and in the morning, after breakfast we will continue the tour, according to the plan to the next destinations.

At the end the tour we will accompany you back to the airport, we will make sure that the car return process is carried out quickly and efficiently, we will lead you to the check-in counters and we will say our goodbyes with a smile.

The tour prices listed on the website are for four passengers in a car and for two people in the hotel room. Various adjustments can be made according to your needs and desires, and we can also provide a vegetarian / vegan meal, adjust for 2-3 passengers in a car or accommodation of a single traveler in a room, any such adjustments to the tour must be made in advance and usually require an additional cost.