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Best Israel Travel Packages with Israel Jeep Tourism

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Travel to Israel is full of adventure. It offers a range of experiences that will make your holiday special. You can walk along the historic Western Wall and explore the holy Church of the Holy Sepulchre. If you are in Tel Aviv, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the nightlife. Explore the Dead Sea, the deepest lake in the world, for a great adventure in Israel. And, of course, trek up to the historic Masada for Impressive views. Visit Nazareth to see where Jesus spent his childhood. This guide is perfect for you, if you’re looking to make your vacations memorable and searching for the best Israel travel packages. With Israel Jeep Tourism, you’ll find affordable tours of Israel that fit your interests and experience the adventure of Jeeping in Israel. 


Best Israel Tour Packages: Israel Jeep Tourism 

Israel Jeep Tourism offers a wide range of tours that are suitable for everyone. If you want to explore Northern Israel, Southern Israel, Cross-country tours, or pilgrimages, Israel Jeep tourism caters to all kinds of trips. Let’s find the best Israel travel packages for you to explore this stunning land of history and culture with Jeeping adventures.

These below-mentioned Travel Packages Include:  

  • Flights
  • Jeeps (Suzuki Crossover or similar)
  • Jeep Management team ( Guided Tours in Israel, rescue equipment, first aid, and a full picnic kit (cooking equipment and coffee kit)
  • Fuel for jeeps during the trip
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Overnight stays as specified in the tour
  • Meals on a half board basis
  • Entrance fees to the sites and natural reserves
  • Highway tolls
  •  Mineral water bottles for the hiking trails

The Northern Israel Tour Package

The jeep tour is a five-day excursion in the gorgeous North of Israel. The trip will be in one location for the entire journey, meaning you won’t be required to shift your bag daily.

Day 1: You’ll arrive at Tel Aviv, pick up the jeep, and head towards your hotel on the Sea of Galilee. It will be a chance to experience off-road driving in the Gilboa mountains.

Day 2: Early in the early morning, you’ll take off-roading, and hike up into a natural swimming pool to enjoy a bath. You’ll then head for one of Israel’s greatest waterfalls.

Day 3: Visit the “Triangle of Borders” and soak in the mineral-rich hot springs. After that, you’ll ascend towards the south side of the Golan Heights before heading back towards the Sea of Galilee on a beautiful route with off-road travel.

Day 4: On day 4, you’ll travel towards the north and up the mountain range, which offers breathtaking perspectives, hot springs and, of course, off-roading! There’s also a stunning observation point that offers a stunning view of Hula Valley and Golan Heights.

Day 5: It’s time to leave! Then, you’ll return to Tel Aviv airport, with an opportunity for a tour of Tel Aviv if your flight permits. 

All this is available starting from $3,070 per participant. For further northern tours and details, you can explore our tour pages and find the best northern tour for your holidays in Israel. 

Southern Israel Tour Package:

This is an exciting four-day adventure in a jeep that takes passengers through the stunning scenery of the Jordan Valley and the Negev desert of Israel.

This is what to expect:

Day 1: Following your arrival at Tel Aviv airport, pick up your vehicle then head towards the south. Visit the historic location that is Masada National Park for as much time as you can. You can stay the night in the city, Arad.

Day 2: Begin your day by taking in a stunning perspective from the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth. After that, you’ll embark on an extended and challenging off-road trip through the surrounding streams. Enjoy your night’s time in the Dead Sea area.

Day 3: Start your early morning by taking another off-road journey along the biblical landscapes as well as the streams that flow through the region. Keep your travels going towards the “Arava Peace Road” across the border to Jordan. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pristine natural pool close by. Enjoy the taste of a real meal and then spend your evening in the Arava region. 

Day 4: Head toward the north of Tel Aviv, returning your jeep. If you have time to fly, take a short ride on the train to visit Tel Aviv before heading back to the airport before your flight departure. 

All this is available starting from $2,530 per participant. For further southern tours and details, you can explore our tour pages section “South Tours”, and find the best Israel travel packages for your holidays.

Cross-country tour Package: 

With our cross-country tour package, you can discover the wonders of Israel. Israel Jeep Tourism offers a 10-day adventure perfect for groups and families. The journey starts with Tel Aviv where you’ll pick up your SUV vehicles and set off for an adventure of off-road driving. You will enjoy activities like floating along the Jordan River, swimming in the Sea of Galilee, and the magnificent Golan Heights. Relax in the healing waters from the Dead Sea and marvel at the breathtaking views that are The Edom Mountains. The tour is a demanding desert drive and visits to natural springs as well as breathtaking views. Take a break in Eilat and then end your tour with a fun-filled exploration of the vibrant cities of Tel Aviv. This package gives you a complete excursion through Israel’s diverse landscapes. 

All this is available starting from $5,100 per participant. You must explore our tour sections to find the best all-inclusive packages to Israel. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Adventure of a Lifetime! Book Your Israel Jeep Tour today and See What You’ve Been Missing! 


Israel Jeep Tourism provides exciting adventures to make your holidays truly unforgettable. Explore the historic Western Wall and Holy Church of Holy Sepulchre; relax on Tel Aviv beach fronts or nightlife. Trek up Masada for breathtaking views. Israel Jeep Tourism provides affordable tours of Israel that include Northern Israel, Southern Israel, Cross-country tours or pilgrimages. You’re guaranteed an amazing time while touring this incredible land. Explore our tours section and find the best Israel travel packages that suit you. Make unforgettable memories on Israel Jeep Tourism tours, make this incredible country your next travel adventure destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tours does Israel Jeep Tourism offer?

Israel Jeep Tourism offers a variety of tours, including Northern Israel, Southern Israel, Cross-country tours, and pilgrimages.

Are Israeli Jeep Tourism’s packages suitable for families?

Yes, these tours are suitable for families, as well as groups and individuals. Israel Jeep Tourism offers experiences that cater to everyone's needs and interests.

Can I customize my tour itinerary?

Israel Jeep Tourism offers some flexibility to customize certain aspects of the tour to suit your preferences. Contact their customer service team for more information on customization options.

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