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An amazing Israel itinerary in 10 days: Israel Jeep Tourism

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Israel is a country with a great history and an amazing landscape. People visit this incredible land for adventure and Holy Land tours alike. Whether you love nature, and history, or just want a peaceful holiday trip on beaches, Israel has something for everyone. You can explore the beauty of northern and southern Israel, and you can visit Jerusalem to explore its history. It will always be a great adventure and memorable. But now the question is, how can you plan a tour of Israel? The only answer to this solution is to choose a guided tour. They will plan the trip for you and make your holiday special. Jeep tours are always recommended for a great adventure in Israel and to explore the country in the right way. Israel Jeep Tourism organizes tours with self-driving SUVs. In this article, we will talk about the Israel itinerary of 10 days. You will learn how jeep tours can make your trip memorable.

10-day Israel itinerary by Israel Jeep Tourism 

Israel Jeep Tourism offers a well-planned 10-day trip to Israel. This is a jeep tour, meaning you can enjoy self-driving and explore the country in an adventurous way. This is a great guided tour, and now you don’t need to worry about planning and other hassles because Israel Jeep Tourism will handle everything about your tour, such as your flights, accommodations, meals, fuel for jeeps, and other essentials. In this way, you can make your tour of Israel hassle-free and create beautiful memories. 

In this Israel itinerary in 10 days you will love rafting in the Jordan River, swimming in the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, the Gulf of Eilat, and even in the Sea of Tel Aviv

Day by Day adventure: 

Day # 1: 

We will greet you at the airport when you arrive and then you will get your SUV. After that, you will drive to the Sea of Galilee and enjoy your first drive. We will take a short break in the city of Tiberias. At the end of the day, we will go to the hotel in this area.

Day # 2: 

We’ll start the morning with a scenic drive north along the Jordan River, then through the Golan Heights for a rafting cruise on the Hatzbani and Jordan Rivers. In winter, we’ll visit the Hamat Gedar site, known for its hot springs with a constant 42-degree Celsius water temperature, high mineral concentration, and 4.7% sulfur content. Later, we’ll return for a refreshing swim in the Sea of Galilee, with a picturesque off-road route. For those feeling adventurous, we also offer SUP boats/kayaks for a relaxing sail. 

Day # 3: 

In the morning, we’ll pack our gear and hop into our SUVs, heading south. We’ll traverse an off-road path in the Gilboa mountain range (if we didn’t do so on the first day), then through the Jordan Valley, offering breathtaking views of the Gilad mountains and later, the Dead Sea. By afternoon, we’ll reach our hotel for the next two nights on the Dead Sea coast. 

Day # 4: 

We’ll begin with a mildly challenging off-road drive along a local stream. Later, relax at the hotel, indulge in spa treatments (extra cost), and swim in the pool or Dead Sea.

Day # 5: 

After breakfast, we’ll pack up and head south for some challenging off-road routes. We’ll surf the dunes of the Israeli desert, and enjoy spectacular views of the Edom Mountains and the observation points of the four countries. After exploring the Shlomo stream, we’ll arrive directly at the beach in Eilat, where we’ll spend the next two days.

Day # 6: 

Today is a free day to explore Eilat, the “resort city of Israel.” We can spend time on the shores of the Red Sea, swim, sail, dive, and enjoy water sports. Eilat is a VAT-exempt city, so we can also buy souvenirs for our family back home.

Day # 7: 

After relaxing in Eilat, we’ll head north to Mitzpe Ramon, taking an off-road path for stunning views of the Middle Arava area, then visiting the Ramon Crater observation point, and staying overnight in Mitzpe Ramon.

Day # 8: 

After mastering off-road driving, we’ll tackle a challenging drive to a desert spring, bathe, and continue north non-stop to Tel Aviv, arriving in the evening for our last two nights.

Day # 9: 

Explore Tel Aviv as desired, whether shopping, visiting historical sites, or enjoying the beach and vibrant nightlife, especially for the younger members.

Day # 10: 

After breakfast, shop in the city before driving to the airport, returning rented SUVs, and bidding farewell at the check-in counters.

This amazing Jeep tour is a great choice for those asking, “Israel itinerary in 10 days”. Jeeping in Israel is always the best way to make your trip adventurous. You can explore the hidden gems and visit points that normal cars and buses can’t reach. Start your “10 day tour of Israel” today with Israel Jeep Tourism and let us handle all your hassle. You can also explore many other tour packages. Just visit our tour section and find the best tour package for you or your group. 


Israel itinerary in 10 days is a popular choice for visitors looking to explore this remarkable and historical country. Israel Jeep Tourism offers a complete 10-day trip to Israel for you. This Jeep tour will allow you to make your trip more memorable and interesting. Furthermore, we arrange your flight, accommodation, jeeps for tours, meals, and all other essentials mentioned in the tour package. People can also find more tours and select any according to the time duration that they want. 


Can I join the tour if I don't want to drive?

Absolutely! While the tour offers self-driving options, we also provide experienced drivers to ensure everyone can enjoy the adventure.

Does your company offer any other tours?

Yes, Israel Jeep Tourism offers a range of tour options. You can explore our tour section to find the best tour for you and your group. You can also contact our team for assistance in choosing the best tour.

What should I pack for the tour?

We recommend packing comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor activities, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.


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