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Start a Journey of Faith with Catholic Tours to Israel

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Join Israel Jeep Tourism to find the best plan for your Catholic tours to Israel and delve into the religious heritage by visiting historical landscapes.

Israel boasts an array of sacred territories and a rich history and culture. Adventuring these sites lets faithful adherents reflect on spiritual and inspirational traditions. As the birth region of Jesus  Christ, Israel significantly attracts many Christian and Catholic tourists. However, exploring these Catholic holy landmarks without any expert guide can lead you to miss some of the best locations. There are highly underrated spots in Israel that only local experts can guide you to, and that’s where Israel Jeep Tourism comes in. Our Company offers tour plans that cater to all your needs and don’t let you miss any notable spot from your catholic tours to Israel. 

What Do Our Catholic Tours to Israel Include? 

Our Catholic pilgrimage to Israel includes everything from booking flights to airport pickup, transport, and a travel guide to walk you through this spiritual journey. Conventional Catholic trips to Israel only include famous spots filled with tourists and very crowded. However, with Israel Jeep Tourism, you can visit places like the Church of the Sepulchre, the Church of the Gospel, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and so much more to explore Catholicism in its truest sense. We also customize the tours based on whether you visit with friends or family or have an educational tour alone.

The pre-designed tour of Christian Sites in High Gear is perfect if you visit Israel to explore the Catholic heritage. This tour lasts for nine days, and you can add more historical places and extend the tour plan accordingly. We always ensure that your trip to Israel is hassle-free so you can focus on your spiritual journey instead of worrying about hotels and transport. 

Famous Catholic Attractions with Israel Jeep Tourism

Har Simcha 

According to the New Testament, Jesus delivered his sermon at Har Simcha. This location is of great significance for all Christians, and visiting it gives you exceptional religious values like never before. 

Jordan River 

The Jordan River is also one of the key attractions for Catholics. You can even dip in the river to purify your body and soul. It is believed that John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. 

Church of Bread and Fishes

This church is of great importance in Christianity. It is linked to Jesus’ miracle of distributing food to 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Often called “the Church of the Multiplication,” it is located in Tabgha, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.

City of Nazareth 

Nazareth is the city where Catholics can find great divine values. According to tradition, it is the place where Jesus spent most of his childhood. Our tour includes a detailed tour of Nazareth, including a visit to the Church of Gospel and accommodation in the Holy Land where Jesus once walked. 


The tour also includes a visit to the holiest city of Christianity, Jerusalem. In this city, we explore sacred places such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Via Dolorosa, and Mount Zion. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the holiest church for Catholics as it is built on the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. Meanwhile, Via Dolorosa was the pathway that Jesus followed to the crucifixion. 

What Do We Offer in Our Catholic Tours to Israel? 

  • Exploring Unconventional Places: Catholic trips are more than just wandering around well-known and crowded places. Therefore, Israel Jeep Tourism ensures that you visit the hidden gems in Israel and renew your spiritual values.
  • Travel Guide: Our travel guides are well-versed in Israel’s religious and cultural history. They will walk you through every aspect of the history and heritage of the sites you visit. Our guides are amiable and easy to get along with, so you can converse with them about art, culture, and religion while also enjoying your Catholic group tours to Israel. 
  • Customization: Our tours are highly customizable. Depending on your desires, you can stroll the trails or stay longer to enjoy any place. This allows you to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. We also provide superior facilities along your journey, such as a first aid kit, cooking gear, and coffee set. 
  • Jeep Tours: Jeeping in Israel gives our travellers an adrenaline rush while they surf through Mount Zion and the Gilboa Mountains. The terrain can be anything from rocky hills to meadows and even deep canyons, and our jeep tours will get you through them in no time. 
  • Perfect arrangement: From the flights to you on long drives and providing peaceful accommodations, Israel Jeep Tourism has everything planned for you. 


In conclusion, Catholic tours to Israel include visiting diverse landscapes through long drives. Therefore, a plan with comfortable transportation, educational support and schedule flexibility must be a priority. Evaluating this criterion, Israel Jeep Tourism becomes an optimal choice for diving into a thrilling escapade through jeeping in Israel. Hence, you’re only one step away from having the most spiritual experience of your life. Make a move and contact us to reserve your seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my tour guide speak English?

All tour guides are available in English to allow you to have smooth communication.

Where do I get my SUV after landing in Israel?

Once you land in Tel Aviv, you can drive your SUV directly from the airport, and your journey to the Sea of Galilee will begin immediately.

Are flights, accommodation, and tolls covered by the tour cost?

Yes, flights, hotel bookings, toll taxes, guide, jeep, fuel, and water are all included in the tour package. However, you’ll have to pay for travel insurance and any additional activities you want to do.

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