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Organize your 7-day itinerary in Israel with Jeeping Experience

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The diverse landscapes and historical sites draw tourists from every corner of the globe to this country. However, the sightseeing tours across Israel commonly found in travel manuals don’t promise a distinctive exploration. Leave behind traditional tour plans with fixed paths and rigid bus schedules, and choose the trusted company, Israel Jeep Tourism. With our company, you are in a position to be the commander of a land cruising expedition. With luxury SUVs and jeeping in Israel, you delve into remote areas, often inaccessible by ordinary vehicles. Additionally, our specially crafted tour plans cater to the needs and interests of all tourists. The seven-day tour will take you through the inaccessible regions of southern Israel to the captivating Israeli desert gems. Continue reading to discover our special offer of a 7-day itinerary in Israel featuring off-road challenges.

The Perfect 7-Day Itinerary in Israel

This thrilling 7-day adventure with Israel Jeep Tourism will take you on a heart-pounding exploration of southern Israel. Buckle up and get ready for off-road challenges, breathtaking viewpoints, and hidden desert gems, all while cruising in a comfortable Jeep. Here’s how our 7-day Kind of Desert Tour works:

Day 1  

Our adventure starts with picking you up from the airport in Tel Aviv. In our powerful jeeps, we’ll drive south. Our first thrilling off-road drive will be toward the stunning views of a year-round spring located in a small crater in the Israeli desert. Accommodation will be provided in the area of Mitzpe Ramon.

Day 2  

The real trip of our 7-day itinerary in Israel starts on day two with the challenging drive to the Ramon Crater. We will explore the inside area of the crater with 360-degree scenery. At the end of the day, we rest and have dinner in the Kibbutz Ketura area.

Day 3  

Our adventure continues as we witness the beauty of mountain peaks. You can enjoy the broad views of the Edom Mountains and Eilat Bay. Afterward, we head to the Four Land observation spot and take a quick stream crossing. Next, we arrive in Eilat, where we find our next accommodation to prepare for the following day.

Day 4  

Day four of the 7-day trip to Israel will be dedicated to the country’s premier resort city, Eilat. Tourists can also take advantage of shopping exempt from VAT.

Day 5  

On day 5, we start our northward trip to the horseshoe-shaped valley. We drive and find a hidden pool in the center of the meadow. After enjoying the pool, we visited two exhilarating off-road streams. Accommodation will be provided near the Dead Sea.

Day 6  

On this day, we enjoy a long, off-road, and challenging drive. During the adventure, we explore the remarkable Genesis landscapes. On the same day, we also admire the stunning views of the Dead Sea. We take some refreshments and bathe in the sea before returning to our hotel for rest.

Day 7  

The final day of the tour doesn’t take you directly to the airport to return home. Instead, we climb and enjoy the remarkable views of the Dead Sea. After making memories in Israel over 7 days, we return the SUVs to the company and say goodbye.

The cost of this Israel 7-day tour package starts from $3980 per participant.

Preparation Tips and Recommendations

To enjoy your 7-day tour of Israel to the fullest, follow these instructions to avoid any potential risks:

  • Ideal time: Choose the time of year for your visit based on your destination in Israel. For example, to explore the southern part, such as the Israeli deserts, a cooler season is recommended.
  • Safety concerns: As most tourists are not familiar with Israel’s local areas, consider booking your Israel 7-day itinerary with an expert Israeli travel agency. Israel Jeep Tourism is a well-organized travel organization and offers a comprehensive guide to avoid any risk during the journey.
  • Dressing: To have a comfortable trip, it is advisable to dress according to the weather conditions. During summer, cotton shorts and T-shirts are recommended, while jackets and hoods should be worn during winter.
  • Footwear: A 7-day trip to Israel can take you through diverse trails and hiking tracks. Therefore, don’t forget to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes that can provide comfort through rough walkways.
  • Gather necessities: To avoid any inconvenience during your trip, pack smartly with all your necessities. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera, and a phone charger. It is also advisable to bring a light backpack.


If you are planning an adventure beyond the ordinary experience, book a 7-day itinerary in Israel with Israel Jeep Tourism. Our unique offerings during the off-road challenges provide you with non-traditional exploration. The powerful and luxurious jeeps ensure you get more than just a sightseeing tour. Exceeding the boundaries, you get the chance to explore hidden corners of the Israeli deserts. Additionally, our expert guides provide you with information about every site, enhancing your learning experience as well.

The uniquely crafted 7-day tour of Israel addresses the specific interests of tourists. Picture yourself enjoying the beautiful scenes of the Edom Mountains and conquering the Israeli deserts. The 7-day itinerary of Israel offered by Israel Jeep Tourism also enables you to experience the charm of Eilat and the Dead Sea. Therefore, make a reservation with our company and create timeless memories.


How many participants can take part in the 7-day trip to Israel with Israel Jeep Tourism?

Tour plans offered by Israel Jeep Tourism can accommodate 8 to 24 members.

Does Israel Jeep Tourism cover accommodations during the tour?

Yes, package prices at Israel Jeep Tourism include the expenses for accommodations in nearby hotels.

What are the passport requirements for foreign tourists with Israel Jeep Tourism?

To book a tour with Israel Jeep Tourism, you must have a passport with a validity of at least six months after entry.


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