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Group Travel to Israel with Israel Jeep Tourism

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Located in the Southern Levant region of West Asia, Israel is a historically rich country with a very diverse terrain. It has a beautiful coastal plain, spectacular mountains in the North, and the mesmerizing Negev desert in the South. In addition, Israel is also regarded as a holy land, and there are plenty of pilgrimage tours every year. It is deemed important to three religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Similarly, with a lot of bustling cities, Israel offers modern tourism to its younger tourists. Because of all this, Israel has become a hotspot for modern-day tourism. The perfect blend of modernism, nature, and history has significantly increased group travel to Israel. 

Group trips to Israel are a resounding experience, and to make it even more special and memorable for you, Israel Jeep Tourism offers its customers plenty of group tour plans. 

Group Tours: Israel Jeep Tourism

Offering plenty of attractions, group travel to Israel has become increasingly popular. There’s everything in the country for religious groups, business teams, couples, and bachelors. However, making plans as a group with a company that’ll take care of everything for you is always advisable. Israel Jeep Tourism provides you with this opportunity so you can have fun without worrying about a thing. Our company has planned specialized Israel group tour packages for you, and some of them are as follows;

Cross Country Tour:

Israel Jeep Tourism, with personalized cross-country tour plans, makes sure that you make the most out of your visit. In our cross-country tours, you drive across Israel, covering all of the important cities and areas. In these plans, you’ll have off-road adventures in the lush northern part of the country as well as the beautiful southern part. You’ll also visit places like the Dead Sea, Craters, Jordan Valley, Tel Aviv, and much more. Some of our best cross-country plans include Cross Israel from Haifa to Eilat, 10 Challenging Days of off-road driving, and from Caverns to Craters in 9 days.

South Tour:

Southern Israel is the most significant part of the country, with a lot of hidden gems that can only be reached by off-road travel. Our group tour plans take you across the great South, where you’ll drive on the dunes of the Negev desert and bathe in the waters of the Dead Sea. Some of the most famous tourist attractions, like the Masada National Park, Jordan Valley, Ramon Crater, and Avara Peace Road, will also be visited. To make the best out of this region, Israel Jeep Tourism has plans like Kings of the Desert, five days of Craters, Dead Sea to Red Sea in 5 days, and From Tel Aviv to Eilat in 4 days. 

North Tour:

The North of the country is nothing short of a paradise. With spectacular mountains, lush green fields, and plenty of freshwater lakes, this area gets a lot of tourists each year. The mountainous terrain makes the region a perfect spot for off-road traveling and hiking. If you are a group of youngsters, this region is perfect for you, and Israel Jeep Tourism will take you to places like Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, Hula Valley, and the amazing Gilbao mountain range. To make your days here perfect, you can choose from our several plans, including A five-day star trip in Northern Israel, From Sea to Sea, and From Mount Heman to Gilboa in 5 days. 


Israel is one of the holiest places on Earth. With a history that includes three major religions, including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, the country has a lot of important sites and landmarks. Because of this, every year, thousands of people visit the country for pilgrimage. For such groups, Israel Jeep Tourism makes sure that you don’t miss any of the important sites. Our “group travel to Israel” tours take you to places like Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias, Har Simcha, the city of Nazareth, and many more. For Israel pilgrimage tours, we offer well-organized trips like Jewish Heritage 4 by 4 and Christian sites in high gear.

Jeeping in Israel by Israel Jeep Tourism

Israel Jeep Tourism allows tourists to explore this country from a different point of view. Our highly experienced guides and well-maintained SUVs, along with flexible yet well-planned tour itineraries, make traveling both easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, the thrill of jeeping in Israel is unmatched because of its mountainous regions in the North and rough sandy terrain in the South. 

Israel Tours Including Airfare:

There’s no denying that the tourism industry is at its peak. A lot of bachelors, businessmen, families, and religious groups are eager to explore the beauty and heritage of Israel. However, finding a good tour plan and matching it with suitable flights with affordable fares is quite an uphill task. Israel Jeep Tourism counters this problem and eases the process for its customers, as our Israel group trips already include airfares. This eases up the process for you and you can choose a plan without worrying about looking for cheap flights. In addition to this, these tours also include your accommodations, jeep charges, fuel budget, and many such tolls.

Don’t miss out—gather your group, select your plan, and embark on your adventure with Israel Jeep Tourism.


Israel is a beautiful and spectacular country that has a lot to offer, but choosing the right places to visit and the do’s and don’ts of the process can be difficult for you if you have a tight schedule. For this task, Israel Jeep Tourism has plenty of well-managed tour plans for tourists. Our company offers specialized group travel to Israel packages. To further smoothen the experience, you can personalize the tours even more. Our ‘jeeping in Israel’ makes your experience even more thrilling and memorable while making sure that you tick off all the important places.


What are some requirements for renting an SUV?

To rent the SUVs, each driver must have a valid international credit card to cover any additional charges or damages. Additionally, the driver must be over the age of 24.

Does the tour plan include tolls?

Yes, tolls on the expressways are included.

Is insurance necessary for these tours?

Yes, It is mandatory to have travel insurance that applies to jeep tours, including health insurance, luggage & personal belongings coverage, cancellation fees, and Corona Shield coverage.


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