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Cross Israel from Haifa to Eilat

Route characteristics:

It is impossible to see all of Israel in a two-week trip, but this trip certainly encompasses most of the areas: the coastal plain and Haifa, the Western Galilee, the Hula Valley, the Golan Heights, the Beit Shean Valley and the Jezreel Valley, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, the Negev, the craters and Eilat, Mitzpe Ramon And the city of Tel Aviv!

A trip with lots of green landscapes in the north on the one hand, and Genesis landscapes in the desert on the other, a lot of off-road driving and at the same time also rest and relaxation.

Day number 1:

We land at the airport in Tel Aviv, receive our SUV and drive towards the city of Haifa. On the way we will have a first taste of off-road driving in the Carmel mountains and then we will go on a trip to the city of Haifa.

From there we will go to a hotel in the city where we will spend the next two nights.

Day number 2:

After breakfast we will drive north and visit the Rosh Hankara nature reserve, where we will go down to the grottoes with a cable car, listen to explanations and observe the splendor of the beauty of nature.

Later, we will go to a spectacular view of the entire Western Galilee region, part of which was off-road driving, of course, and then to one of the most intriguing caves in Israel (rappelling can be done by prior arrangement!).

Later we will return to Haifa for a short night trip and overnight at our hotel.

Day number 3:

In the morning we will load our SUVs and drive east towards Mount Miron whose peak is the fourth highest in Israel - of course we will climb it off road...

From there we will continue towards the northeast for another off-road trip towards the Naftali mountains and we will look over the entire Hula Valley, which is amazingly beautiful.

After driving through the Hula valley and getting an impression of the height of the Naftali mountain range, this time from below, we will arrive at the hotel where we will spend the next two nights.

Day number 4:

We will start the day with a climb to the Golan Heights, where we will reach one of the peaks from which we can overlook the three peaks of Mount Hermon (Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian), and of course also the Kunitra valley.

We will continue to visit a local winery (optional) and on the way back to our hotel we will take a long off-road drive overlooking the Jordan River.

Day number 5:

After loading our equipment we will climb back to the Golan Heights, but this time we will go to the southern part.

We will travel along the off-road roads overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the border triangle (Israel, Syria and Jordan) until we reach the Hamat Gedar site (a site of healing baths located in the Yarmouch Valley, at an altitude of about 150 m below sea level. Four hot springs rich in minerals spring from the site. The hot water stem from an approximate depth of about 2 kilometers and more).

At the end we will drive to our hotel around the Sea of Galilee.

Day number 6:

We will spend this day in easy...

We will get up late, take a dip in the Sea of Galilee and walk in Kfar Nahum and the city of Tiberias and most of all rest! For what awaits us in the coming days.

Day number 7:

We will start the full day that awaits us by traveling south and driving off-road in the Gilboa mountain range, from where we will overlook the Jezreel Valley.

From there we will continue to a spectacular view of the Gilead mountains and later to another view of the Dead Sea and then we will arrive at our hotel for the next two nights on the Dead Sea coast.

It is a long day with many hours of driving, but the spectacular views definitely make up for it!

Day number 8:

After breakfast we will go for an off-road trip in one of the streams in the area with views of Genesis, literally!!!

In the early afternoon we will return to the hotel and use the time to bathe in the Dead Sea and spa treatments at the hotel (not included in the package price).

Day number 9:

We will load our equipment and continue south for experiential sand dune surfing, and later after a long off-road drive we will reach one of the most spectacular viewpoints in southern Israel!

After that we will climb to the observation of the four countries (Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) and continue to drive off-road in an amazing stream to the resort city of Israel - Eilat.

We will spend the next two nights in Eilat.

Day number 10:

We will spend the day enjoying the resort city of Israel!

In Eilat you can find water sports, air-conditioned shopping malls, the Red Sea beach, an underwater observatory and many other options for spending time.

Day number 11:

We will say goodbye to the city of Eilat and start traveling north. We will travel in the Israeli desert and will arrive by challenging off-road driving at a viewpoint different in its characteristics from anything we have seen and known to date!

Later we will climb to Mitzpe Ramon and drive (off-road) on the cliff line of the Ramon Crater spread out below us in all its glory!

Accommodation in the Mitzpe Ramon area.

Day number 12:

Before we say goodbye to the southern region, another particularly challenging off-road drive awaits us to a hidden spring that flows throughout the year (in the summer you can definitely bathe in it).

After we get back on the road we will drive north to the city without stopping - Tel Aviv, where we will sleep the last two nights of this trip.

Day number 13:

Tel Aviv - the non-stop city!

Today we will decide together what we want to do: the sea/pool, a trip to the malls, a trip to the markets, a tour of Old Jaffa or maybe combine several places together...

Day number 14:

The last day of our trip has arrived...

Depending on the check-in opening time, we will take advantage of the last hours in Tel Aviv and then drive to the airport, return the vehicles that have served us faithfully, and say goodbye not before accompanying you at the beginning of the check-in process.

Cost from 6550$ per participant

Price and General Conditions
Based on a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 24 participants
The price for a traveler in a double room
The price is for four travelers by car
Supplement for a single room: $150

The Tour Includes
- Flights
- Jeeps from the Suzuki Crossover category or similar
- Jeep team manager: Guide, rescue equipment, first aid and full picnic kit (cooking equipment and coffee kit)
- Fuel for the jeeps for the entire trip
- Walkie talkie for every jeep
- Accommodation according to description
- Economy on a half-board basis
- Login to websites
- Tolls on the expressways
- Mineral water in the itineraries

Not Included in the Tour Price
- Travel insurance and personal baggage suitable for the nature of the activity
- Deductible reimbursement insurance in case of damage to the Jeep
- Personal expenses (soft drinks at meals, souvenirs, etc.).
- $85 holiday supplement
- Tip for the guide.

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