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Cost of a Trip to Israel: Budgeting for the Adventure with Israel Jeep Tourism

Cost of a Trip to Israel
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Welcome to the mystical land of Israel, where ancient wonders are perfectly mixed with contemporary marvels. Israel is a place that has something for every type of traveler- it’s truly the kind of destination with versatile interest. In this blog, we’re diving into Israel Jeep Tourism known for exciting self-drive SUV tours that lead you to well-known and out of the way treasures scattered across in all parts of Israel. Let’s explore the cost of a trip to Israel, the cost of booking one of these tours and discover how it can elevate your entire Israeli adventure.

Israel Jeep Tourism: Adding Adventure to Your Trip

Israel Jeep Tourism offers a new and thrilling way to gaze upon the magnificent landscapes of Israel. Our self-drive SUV trips are led by specialists who will take you through epic adventures to this ancient land. We go beyond the usual tourist appeal, bringing heart-pounding offroad action while exploring Israel’s most riveting and less-known spots. Our journeys span from the lush scenery of Northern Israel to the raw beauty of the Israeli desert. Even though we do visit well-known attractions such as Masada National Park, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee etc., our core desire is to seek out alternative places that are not necessarily widely known but portray the true essence of Israel.

Although each tour has a fixed route, the experience varies depending on the group’s vibe. It does not matter if it is a family trip, an outing with your friends, a company event, or a bachelor party – our guides adjust everything, from the pace to the activities, to fit what the group likes and can do. This ensures that all enjoy a wonderful and memorable experience. We also include short walking paths in pleasant settings only accessible by foot, where the group sets the pace and duration of stay. You create the team, and we lead to ensure an outstanding desert adventure that is just marvelous like Israel’s natural wonders.

The Cost of a Trip to Israel

Now, let’s talk about costs. When thinking about the Israel Jeep Tourism jeep tour, a question may be posed: how much does it cost? The answer: This depends on the tour package you select.  Explore Israel with our range of tours, each one special in its length and the incredible sights you’ll see. 

Choose what suits you best: a thorough two-week journey across Israel for $6550 per person, or perhaps a shorter but just as fulfilling 4-day trip, beginning at $2530 per person. Although these prices seem a bit expensive at first, it will become evident on closer examination that they are quite affordable given the priceless experiences and value we provide.

The cost includes the following:

  • Flights
  • Jeeps from the Suzuki Crossover category, or similar, for the duration of the tour
  • Access to the Jeep Management team, which includes a guide, rescue equipment, first aid, and a full picnic kit (complete with cooking equipment and a coffee kit)
  • Fuel for the jeeps for the entire duration of the trip
  • A walkie-talkie for every jeep for seamless communication
  • Accommodation as specified in the tour itinerary
  • Meals on a half-board basis, ensuring you’re well-nourished throughout the journey
  • Entrance fees to all the sites and natural reserves included in the tour
  • Highway tolls, as required, are covered in the tour price
  • Bottled mineral water for the hiking trails, to keep you hydrated during your adventures.

The tour price does not include the following:

  • Travel and personal belongings insurance that is applicable for jeep tours
  • Deductible reimbursement insurance in case of damage to the jeep
  • Personal expenses such as soft drinks at meals, souvenirs, etc.
  • Guide tip
  • Any activities not covered in the “The Tour Includes” section.

The Value of the Experience: Is It Worth It?

Now, let’s tackle the big question: is the price justified? We firmly believe it is! The reason why Israel Jeep Tourism’s jeep tours are a good investment is explained below.

  • Off-Path Discovery: Venture off the beaten path with our jeep tours. Explore the natural hidden gems of Israel and magnificent vistas normally off-limits to tourists. It is this unique approach that gives the flavor of exclusiveness to your trip.
  • Customized for Your Crew: Our tours are designed to meet your group interests and what they like or wish to see. We not only organize the trip, but create an individual experience for you and your friends or family members which makes sure that it is as unique as each of them.
  • Stress-Free Adventure: Begin the cruise with everything provided. We take care of everything – flights and accommodations, meals, entrance fees, even jeep fuel. Just enjoy the trip without any worry.
  • Expert Guidance: Our guided tours are directed by professional guides that not only show you the way but also ensure your safety and convenience. The depth of their expertise and willingness to assist guarantee an educational yet enjoyable trip.
  • All Skill Levels Welcome: Our tours are designed for both professional off-roaders and newbies. We provide for everyone, ensuring that people who are advanced and amateurs both can share the fun with us.
  • Cultural Exploration: Enjoy the real Israel on our jeep tours. They take you beyond the usual tourist spots, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the local culture and connect with the people. This deepens the richness and authenticity of your travel experience in Israel.


Are you dreaming of an adventure that’s brimming with excitement and sprinkled with a bit of the extraordinary in Israel? Well, Israel Jeep Tourism is a perfect fit for you. We organize tours based on your specific likes, for all people to visit alike with a journey full of adventures. So bring your equipment, buckle up and get ready to enjoy an unbelievable journey with Israel Jeep Tourism! We can’t wait for you to visit us on our next jeep tour. Cheers to exciting adventures ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cancellation policies and associated fees for the tour?

Registration and handling fee of 200$ is included in the price of the trip, but will not be refunded in case of cancellation by the group. Cancellation of the tour 7-14 business days prior to the arrival date, will be charged at 50% of the cost of the tour excluding the flights. Cancellation of the tour 7 business days or less prior to the arrival date, will be charged at 100% of the cost of the tour. (No money can be refunded)

What factors might change the off-road routes in each tour?

The off road routes in each tour may change from time to time due to the conditions of the terrain (dirt roads, snow, etc.), the instructions and requirements of local municipalities, construction work, road blocks or any instruction given by the guide in the field to ensure your safety.

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