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Best Israel Vacation Packages: Discovering the Thrills of Jeep Tours with Israel Jeep Tourism

Best Israel Vacation Packages
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Israel is a breathtaking travel destination that caters to all sorts of travelers. From historical sites to iconic landmarks, vibrant cities to serene countryside, Israel has it all. But what makes Israel’s travel experience unique is the abundance of natural wonders that’s perfect for jeep tours: The Negev Desert, the Golan Heights, Judean desert and Galilee. And when it comes to getting the best out of Israel’s natural beauty, Israel Jeep Tourism should be on your radar.

Israel Jeep Tourism provides the best Israel vacation packages suitable for many different tastes and requirements. Whatever your preference, there is a jeep tour just right for you. It is also one of the top Jeep tour providers in Israel and so jeep lovers need to give it a try. Here’s why.

Why Choose Israel Jeep Tourism?

These are some valid reasons why Israel Jeep Tourism is the best jeep tour you should choose in Israel.Each point underscores the unique value propositions and exceptional experiences that await you. Let’s delve into the specifics:

  • Versatility of Tours: Israel Jeep Tourism provides various tour styles for tourists. Such options range from adventurous drives over rough terrain, to peaceful nature observation or historical excursions.
  • Experienced Guides: All tours are conducted by qualified guides who enjoy talking about the marvelous landscapes of Israel. They provide for your safety and comfort all the time.
  • Customized Tours: Israel Jeep Tourism allows you to customize your tour according to what interests or suits you best. This gives you a unique personalized experience.
  • Accessible for All: These jeep tours allow for the beauty of Israel to be enjoyed by everyone. The itineraries are thoughtfully planned to be engaging and accessible for all passengers
  • Eco-Friendly: Israel Jeep Tourism is committed to conserving the landscape of Israel. The company observes very strict regulations to minimize the effect of its activities during tours.
  • Immersive Experience: Jeep tours differ from conventional sightseeing but they provide an opportunity to plunge into nature. You come face to face with the flora, fauna and geography making for a deeply enriching travel experience.
  • Convenient: Israel Jeep Tourism takes care of all logistics. All you need to do is sit back and relax, knowing that everything has already been taken care of.

Best Israel Vacation Packages by Israel Jeep Tourism:

Israel Jeep Tourism offers several of the best Israel vacation packages that cater to all sorts of travelers:

  • Cross Israel from Haifa to Eilat: One may not see Israel’s splendors in their entirety during a two-week trip, but this tour package covers most of the country’s important destinations.It stretches from the coastal plain and the city of Haifa, through the lush Western Galilee and the Hula Valley, up to the heights of Golan.It then takes you through the Beit Shean Valley and the fertile Jezreel Valley, before heading to the tranquil Jordan Valley and the therapeutic Dead Sea. 

From there, journey to the arid beauty of the Negev, the intriguing craters, the seaside city of Eilat, and the breathtaking Mitzpe Ramon. Finally, the tour concludes in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. This package offers a harmonious blend of verdant northern landscapes and stark Genesis-like desert vistas, with ample off-road driving experiences. Yet, there’s also an emphasis on rest and relaxation, providing an ideal balance for your Israel exploration.

  • Christian sites in High Gear: This trip is a perfect combination of religious and adventurous sides of Israel. This tour takes you to Christian holy sites and also provides adventurous off-road rides in an SUV. The tour plan includes visits to the Jordan River – which is where Jesus was baptized; Nazareth, also known as the hometown of Jesus; Jerusalem the spiritual capital of Christianity and Masada- rich in history.

As they move along, visitors will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Israel as well and immerse themselves in its most picturesque drives. The path is flexible, giving you the opportunity to tack on some days towards your tour and focus on more religious locations. This package meets the needs of those who want to strengthen their faith while enjoying Israel’s nature in an adventurous way.

  • 10 Challenging Days of Off-Road Driving: This trip is an excellent suggestion for families with teenagers, as well as any group looking to enjoy a mixture of adventure and off-roading. This tour is feasible in most of the seasons because it adjusts to Israeli weather. With that, it starts with thrilling rafting in the Jordan River and ends with a refreshing swim in the Sea of Galilee.​ Next, we go to the Dead Sea–a special resource of water known for its healing powers.

The adventure continues to the Gulf of Eilat, a popular destination for snorkeling or diving as it is full of sea life. Lastly, the tour ends in Tel Aviv’s busy beaches. The thrill doesn’t stop at the water either: on route, your group will enjoy inspiring off-road trails that epitomize Israel in all its glorious diversity. A paradigmatic combination of thrill, magnificent scenery and tranquility – this offer assures a dream journey into the enchanting marvels in Israel.

What’s Included and What’s Not in Your Jeep Tour Package

Israel Jeep Tourism provides you with stress-free and hassle-free travels. Here’s what your tour package includes:

  • Flights: We handle your international flights, allowing you to concentrate on the journey that awaits.
  • Jeeps: We offer Jeeps from the Suzuki crossover category or similar within your disposal to savor unforgettable off-road drives.
  • Jeep Management Team: We have assembled a professional staff, including a guide for the ensured safety and comfort of your journey. The staff is provided with rescue equipment, first aid and a complete picnic kit (cooking tools and coffee set).
  • Fuel: We provide fuel for the Jeeps throughout your entire trip.
  • Walkie-talkie: Each Jeep has a walkie-talkie for good communication.
  • Overnight Stays: Arrangements are made as per your tour package.
  • Meals: We provide half board meals.
  • Entrance Fees: The entrance fees to the sites and natural reserves are included.
  • Highway Tolls: We take care of any highway tolls required during your tour.
  • Bottled Mineral Water: Mineral water will be provided on the hike.

However, please note that there are a few items not included in the tour price:

  • Travel & Personal Belongings Insurance: We advise you to arrange your own travel and personal belongings insurance that covers jeep tours.
  • Deductible Reimbursement Insurance: You may want to consider getting this insurance in case of damage to the Jeep.
  • Personal Expenses: Soft drinks at meals, souvenirs etc., are not included in the tour price.
  • Guide tip: Gratuities for the guide are not included and are at your discretion.

Such enumeration paints a vivid picture of the inclusions and exclusions in your tour package, ensuring that you are adequately prepared for an enjoyable excursion with Israel Jeep Tourism.


In conclusion, Israel Jeep Tourism is a perfect option for all those who want to view the close and diverse landscape of Israel’s countryside. We differ from other tour operators by the flexibility of our programs, unique travel routes to unfamiliar places and highly qualified guides who comply with all safety and environmental standards. And in our Mitzpe Ramon Jeep Tours, Negev Jeep Tours and Israel luxury trip packages you will definitely find a package that fits your needs. Then, why wait?Book with Israel Jeep Tourism and experience an exhilarating and immersive adventure across Israel’s natural wonders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customization options does Israel Jeep Tourism offer for private jeep tours?

There are plenty of adjustments possible upon your needs and likings, we will also be happy to prepare a vegetarian / vegan meal; adjust for 2-3 passengers in a car or accommodation of a single traveler in a room, any such adjustments to the tour must be made in advance and usually require an additional cost.

What are the meals and lodgings provided every day?

What are the meals and lodgings provided every day?
At the end of each day we will be greeted with a rich dinner that includes meat dishes at a good tourist class hotel in the area of the tour, and in the morning, after breakfast we will continue the tour, according to the plan to the next destinations.

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