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All-Inclusive Israel Tour Packages: Discover the Land with Israel Jeep Tourism’s Unique Jeep Adventures

The Golan Heights Jeep Tour Experience
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Israel is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world due to its many distinctive blends of cultural, historical and also natural landmarks. But visiting this charismatic country can be quite challenging, especially for those not acquainted with the hidden jewels beyond the generally accepted trails. Luckily, Israel Jeep Tourism provides all-inclusive Israel tour packages that take you to the most interesting and adventurous areas of Israel. In this article, we will explore Israel Jeep Tours and the amazing Israel tours we offer.

Highlights of Popular All-Inclusive Israel Tour Packages

The most amazing thing about riding a jeep in Israel is that it enables you to see the rugged, yet beautiful landscape of this country firsthand. Israel Jeep Tourism has a wide range of private tours Israel, including:

  • From Tel Aviv to Eilat in 4 Days: Our trip starts in Tel Aviv, where we arrive at the airport and get our jeeps. On our way south, we stop at a natural spring, if the weather is favorable then take a swim. Our first night location is in the Mitzpe Ramon area. The next day is completed with a cross-country drive through the Ramon Crater, which ends in an amazing view of the entire crater. We will also visit a unique sandy dune. The second night is located near the craters. 

The third day starts with an impressive outlook, from where we proceed to the ‘Four Countries’ lookout near Eilat. The off-road trip from the mountains of Eilat leads us to the beach where we will spend our last night there. Fourth day has us traveling north towards Tel Aviv to drop the jeeps. However, in case the time permits, we could enjoy a short train ride within Tel Aviv before making our farewells at the airport. Please note that you may be able to extend your stay in Eilat by a few more days; please let us know at the time of booking so we can plan and book the flights.

  • Dead Sea to Red Sea in 5 Days: Our trip starts at the Tel Aviv airport where we collect our jeeps and then head south towards the Dead Sea. When we reach our destination, we immerse ourselves in the incredible phenomenon of floating in the Dead Sea. On the first night, accommodation is arranged in the areas of the Dead Sea. The first day includes a breathtaking look at the Dead Sea and then a journey to Masada National Park where the tourists will test their off-road skills through the biblical landscapes and the streams in the area

After one more night in the Dead Sea region, On the third day, we hit the road that traverses biblical terrain and many streams in this region. From there, we proceed to the “Arava Peace Road” at the Jordan border and then swim in its secret pool. The third day finishes with an authentic dinner and an overnight stay in the Arava region. On the fourth day we go south to visit Timna Park, followed by a jeep excursion into nature in Arava. We continue South to Eilat, a resort city and stay for the night. On the last day we moved northward to Tel Aviv, handed in our jeeps and if time permits, enjoy a short train trip in Tel Aviv before heading back to the airport for our farewells.

Choosing, Organizing and Enjoying Your Tour

With Israel Jeep Tourism, the process of creating your unforgettable adventure is as easy as following three simple steps: Choose, Organize, and Enjoy.

  • Choose: We offer exclusive custom tours in the north, south and across the country to find one that perfectly suits your group. All of our custom tours feature self-driving 4X4 vehicles and also have a guide who goes along with the whole group for the entire trip. Whether you wish to explore the North of Israel, the South, or a mix of both (across the country), we have a wide array of tours tailored to different interests and adventure levels.
  • Organize: We work tirelessly to ensure that your tour is flawless and stress-free, hence we take care of everything – from 4X4 SUV rentals, flights, hotels, guides, first aid, coffee kits, radios, tolls, to site fees. We customize everything to suit your group and needs, and this includes tailoring all aspects of your tour specifically for you.
  • Enjoy: Upon arrival, we will welcome you at the airport with our team including transfer and rental vehicles already prepared & full fuel tanks. We then depart as per your customized itinerary. All our tours are fully inclusive, which means all your needs as a traveler is taken care of. So, sit back (literally) and enjoy a beautiful, unique, 4X4 self-driving tour in the spectacular landscapes of Israel.


Ultimately, Israel Jeep Tourism provides some of the best hidden jeeping adventures that anyone could ask for. Now, with our all-inclusive Israel tour packages you can easily plan your own trip to Israel. If you want to get the most out of your private tours in Israel, make sure that you contact Israel Jeep Tourism and reserve a Israel group tour today. Israel Jeep Tourism would be the ideal partner for jeeping in Israel, making it an unforgettable and remarkable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of landscapes can you explore on Israel Jeep Tours?

On Israeli tours, you can explore a diverse range of landscapes including the rugged terrain of the Negev Desert, the rolling hills of the Galilee, the historical Judean Desert, and the scenic Mediterranean coastline. Each area offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

What are the specific requirements and preparations for a jeep tour in Israel?

It is very wise to dress comfortably and also appropriately for outdoor activities. It is also advisable to take the necessary supplies like water, sunscreen and possibly a hat preferably for the desert or open daytime tours with high rates of exposure from direct sunlight.

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