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Affordable Trips to Israel with Jeeping Experience

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Present right in the depths of the Middle East along the Eastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is an ideally located culturally and historically rich country. Having an exactly right mix of culture, heritage, nature, and modernity, Israel is undoubtedly the spot you must choose at least once in your lifetime for your vacation trips. However, finding an affordable tour plan that suits the travelers’ interests and budgets can take time. That’s where the Israel Jeep Tourism sweeps in, providing affordable trips to Israel with your families, colleagues, partners, or friends. This article guides you on economical Israel tours for your life-changing adventure.

Explore Israel’s Wonders: Unique and Affordable Jeep Tours with Israel Jeep Tourism

Israel Jeep Tourism is a travel company dedicated to providing its customers with a unique experience of jeeping in Israel. It delivers this experience by putting up affordable trips to Israel and vacation packages. Our goal is to ensure that tourists visit all historical and tourist landmarks with the complete safety of our properly maintained SUV vehicles, well-experienced guides, and carefully designed tours. Customers are also able to customize these tours further according to their own needs and requirements. In addition to affordability, the distinctive thrill of exploring Israel through powerful jeeps separates us from others. A  long list of satisfied and happy customers also attests to the company’s excellent services.

Our Tours with Jeeping Experience 

You can choose from our wide range of affordable Israel tours that cover different cross-country trips, trips to the North and South, and pilgrimage trips. Some of these well-planned and economical tours are as follows:

5 Days of Craters

It is a carefully designed trip that’s inexpensive and thrilling at the same time. With 5 days of Craters, you can have an off-roading adventure in Southern Israel. This tour will include some of the best and most mesmerizing sights where you’ll be able to do plenty of adventures such as;

  • Enjoy the Salty waters of the Dead Sea, where you can soak yourself and bathe in the relaxing water.
  • Get a thrilling off-road jeep ride through the terrain of Southern Israel.
  • Visit Masada National Park, which stands tall amid the Judean Desert. With the help of our guides, tourists will be able to see all of the ancient ruins and observation points present in and around the fortress.
  • Drive along the beautiful Israel-Jordan border through the historic Arava Peace Road.
  • Go off-road and observe the geological wonder of the Ramon Crater.

Tourists can get all this and much more at an affordable package that starts from $2980 per participant.

A Five-Day Star Trip in Northern Israel:

Israel Jeep Tourism brings an affordable package of a Five-Day Star Trip in Northern Israel. There’s no better way to explore this beautiful part of the country. This tour will offer plenty of unique experiences, such as; 

  • Drive on a thrilling off-road route that passes through the lush and captivating peaks and valleys of the Gilboa mountain range. 
  • Visit and stay at the Sea of Galilee, Earth’s lowest freshwater lake.
  • Enjoy an adventurous hike towards one of the most rare natural pools in the region.
  • See an impressive waterfall that is the highlight of Northern Israel.
  • Visit and bathe in Hamat Gader, a spectacular hot springs site in the Yarmuk River valley.
  • Start from the top of Golan Heights and take one of the most beautiful and scenic routes, which includes some off-road traveling thrills.
  • See the Hula Valley and Golan Heights from an unforgettable observation point.

You can choose this blend of off-road thrill and serene sightseeing with a plan that starts from $3070 per participant.

Dead Sea to Red Sea in Five Days

One of the best low-cost Israel tours by Israel Jeep Tourism is the Dead Sea to the Red Sea in Five days. For tourists who want to see the Middle Eastern natural wonders closely, this is the plan to choose. Additionally, tourists will be able to;

  • Bathe in the quiet waters of nature’s wonder, the Dead Sea.
  • Take a trip to historically rich Masada National Park. Our well-taught guides will ensure that you see all the important spots and learn all the interesting facts about the ruins of this historic landmark.
  • Get an off-road drive for the best possible view of the beautiful Israeli landscape.
  • Drive on Arava Peace Road along the Jordan border, and on the way, visit a hidden pool that’ll completely refresh you.
  • Take a trip to Timna Park, which is home to the world’s oldest copper mining site. This part of the tour will take you right back to the imperial times of ancient Egypt.
  • Drive on an off-road route to observe a natural wonder hidden in the Arava Desert.
  • Visit and stay in the modern resort city of Eilat, where you’ll have the best tourist experience in the world.

This round country plan is quite affordable and starts from $3150 per participant.

From Jordan Valley to Ramon Crater

This trip will take tourists across Israel, allowing them to see the country in two distinct shades—both equally beautiful. From Jordan Valley to Ramon Crater offers the best value Israel tours and includes the following highlights.

  • Begin the adventure with an off-road journey that takes you to a fantastic viewing point from which you can see the entire Jezreel Valley.
  • Continue the thrilling jeep ride to the vast and beautiful Jordan Valley. Hike to the top and visit a natural reserve that overlooks the valley.
  • Drive through the unique and awe-inspiring Southern Israeli landscape and bathe in serene Dead Sea water.
  • Visit the ancient ruins of the fortress and much more present in the Masada National Park.
  • Become part of an unforgettable journey along the long and beautiful Arava Peace Road.
  • Go off-road to visit the Great Crater, sitting right in the desert.

All this and much more can be done through a plan starting from $3425 per participant.

King of the Desert:

This very thoroughly planned seven-day trip focuses on the unique beauty of Southern Israel. The King of Desert tour provides a distinctive and unforgettable experience for Israel. In these seven days, tourists will be able to:

  • Visit a rare spring that goes year-round but can only be visited through a more challenging off-road pathway.
  • After some off-road driving and eventful hiking, reach the top of a mountain from where you can observe the very scenic Adom Mountains and Eilat Bay.
  • Drive across scenic Israeli roadways to reach the country’s biggest tourist spot, the resort city of Eilat.
  • Do a lot of off-road travel, and on the way, visit a hidden pool, see out-of-this-world landscapes, and finally reach and bathe in the Dead Sea.

This voyage through the desert of southern Israel starts from $3980 per participant.


In summary, if you are searching for affordable trips to Israel, Israel Jeep Tourism offers a range of tours. With our powerful jeeps, we take you to places that are not easily accessible with ordinary vehicles. Also, one more thing to remember is that despite our highly reasonable rates, all our customers get a five-star experience. At Israel Jeep Tourism, all Israel travel deals are designed with comfort, safety, affordability, and peak-level enjoyment in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the entrance fees of different sites included in the cost of these tours?

Indeed, the tour includes fees for all sites and natural reserves.

Is off-roading safe at night?

Off-road traveling is highly not recommended at night.

Does the tour price include insurance?

No, insurance of any kind is not included in the tour costs.

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