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10-Day Israel Tour – Places, Activities, Amenities and More

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Planning a 10-Day Tour of Israel? With diverse topology and a lengthy coastal plain, it’s a beautiful country to visit. A 10-day Israel Tour will unravel many adventures and make you experience the authentic Jewish culture. Being a reputable tour and travel service provider, we hold the pride of providing custom tours to Israel with the places of your choice.  

Whether you’re excited about jeeping in Jerusalem or Golan Heights, a trip to Israel will bring your fascination to life. However, travel enthusiasts may have numerous questions in their minds related to which places they should visit and how to make that trip worthwhile. 

Considering this, we have created an informative trivia on the 10-Day Holy Land Tour of Israel to answer your questions. Read on to uncover the day-by-day plan of an Israel trip and understand the cost, places to visit, and perks you will enjoy. 

How a 10-Day Tour of Israel is Like?

Although daily activities, hotels, and amenities depend on the package you select, we will travel you through a template of extended Israel exploration in 10 days. It will give you an idea of what spending ten days in Israel looks like and help you plan your trip accordingly. 

Day 1: Arrival at the Airport

Your first destination will be the Tel Aviv airport, where an SUV will pick you up and take you to the city of Haifa. As the route is via the Carmel Mountains, you will enjoy the first taste of off-roading on the way. The travel guide will drive you towards the selected hotel in the city that is booked for the next two nights and has all the basic amenities.  

Day 2: The Adventure Starts

The next day, your adventure will start with a drive to the North and a visit to Rosh Hankara Nature Reserve. You may go down to Grottoes in a cable car and admire the splendors of natural beauty. After that, the travel guide may make you enjoy the spectacular view of Western Galilee and the famous caves of Israel before bringing you back to the hotel. 

Day 3: Time to Off-Road

While the whole trip features off-roading wonders, day 3 will show you the real essence of off-roading in Israel. You may visit Mount Miron, the fourth highest mountain in the country, and Naftali Mountains off-roading. From the peak, expect an incredible view of the entire Hula Valley and take some portraits for social media. 

Day 4: Climbing the Golan Heights

Loved the view of Hula Valley? Now, get ready to climb the famous Golan Heights. Expect an overlooking view of three popular peaks of Mount Hermon including Israeli, Lebanese,, and Syrian). The travel guide may also make you visit the local winery and bring you back through a long off-road drive beside the Jordan River. 

Day 5: Touch the Base

With the beginning of Day 5, be ready to visit a different direction of Israel without compromising the off-roading adventure. You will experience breathtaking views of Sea Galilee and the border triangle of Israel, Syria and Jordan. The final destination of this day will be the Hamat Gedar site known for healing baths from four hot springs. 

Day 6: A Restful Day 

Well, you’re on vacation, so let’s include a restful day in your life. Fulfill your sleep and wake up after the sun is at its peak. You may love a dip in the Sea of Galilee before you walk through Kfrar Nahum and Tiberias city. That’s it, get ready for the adventures that await you in the upcoming days. 

Day 7: Off-Roading Once Again

Let’s restart the off-roading but on the Gilboa Mountain Range, admiring the Jezreel Valley. During the travel, you can expect beautiful views of the Dead Sea and Gilead Mountains. This day will be a long drive while off-roading, taking a complete day of excitement. After a big day, rest in the hotel and prepare for the next day. 

Day 8: Enjoy the Bath in the Dead Sea

Day 8 will start with a delicious breakfast at the hotel and the guide may take you on an off-roading trip to one of the streams nearby. It will be a half-day trip, but your day is not over yet! You may return to the hotel in the afternoon and have your bath in the Dead Sea, followed by spa treatments. The spa treatment may not be covered in the package, so communicate about it while customizing your 10-Day Israel Tour. 

Day 9: Before We Say Goodbye

Before you say goodbye to Israel, you can expect a comprehensive trip to the city of Eilat by off-roading. Spend some time there and admire the beautiful city of Eilat. Now, you may leave the city and travel to the North via the Israeli desert and challenging off-roading sites. Your destination will be your hotel in Tel Aviv, famous as the Non-Stop City!  

Day 10: The Last Day of the Trip

So, it’s the last day of your brilliant 10 Day Trip to Israel. Enjoy the beauty of Tel Aviv city in the last few hours before you check out. Drive to the Tel Aviv airport and say goodbye to the amazing country while taking tons of memories with you. Lastly, be ready to get likes and comments on your social media posts of 10 Days in Israel highlights.  

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, embarking on a 10-day journey through Israel promises an immersive experience into its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes. While it’s impossible to cover every corner in such a short time, tailored packages ensure you explore the highlights, from the rugged beauty of Golan Heights to the tranquil shores of the Dead Sea. 

Expect off-roading adventures, historical marvels, and rejuvenating moments throughout your trip. With costs starting from $5100, consulting reputable tour companies like Israel Jeep Tourism ensures a seamless and rewarding experience. Pack your luggage bags and complete your shopping for an unforgettable adventure in the Holy Land!

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