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Jewish heritage 4×4

Route characteristics:
A trip that combines sites and places sacred to the Jewish people in the Land of Israel with off-road driving in an SUV. During the trip we will visit the holy cities of Judaism such as Jerusalem, Tiberias and Safed, along with other Jewish heritage sites and also, we will travel on some of the most beautiful scenic routes in Israel. The route is dynamic and several more days can be added and, accordingly, also additional religious or vacation sites.

Day number 1:

Landing at the airport in Tel Aviv, receiving our SUV and driving towards the Sea of Galilee. On the way, we will have a first taste of off-road driving in the Gilboa Mountains (depending on the time of landing in Israel) and then we will go to the hotel that will host us in the following days for dinner and a night's rest

Day number 2:
The first half of the day, we will dedicate to off-road driving along the Jordan River and, if the weather permits, also to bathing in the river water.
In the second part of the day, we will travel through the city of Tiberias, where the great men of Israel worked and were buried within its boundaries, including Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakhai, Rabbi Akiva and the Holy Prophet, and likewise the bones of Rambam, who died in Egypt, were brought to Tiberias and buried in Tiberias according to his will
At the end of the day we will return to sleep and rest in our hotel

Day number 3:

We will start the day by driving north towards the city of Safed, which is one of the four holy cities in Judaism, and as such it serves as an important religious center and a pilgrimage center for believers. We will walk through the alleys of the city, and then we will climb on an off-road drive towards Mount Miron to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
At the end of the day we will return to sleep and rest in our hotel

Day number 4:

This day we will devote to a trip to the Golan Heights and visiting various heritage sites such as Mount Bental, Emek HaBaka, Tel Saki, Sh'aar Yishuv and more as time permits.
During the day, we will combine kayaking in the Jordan River, or alternatively, bathing at the Hamat Gader site, depending on the weather and the group's desire.
At the end of the day, we will return to our hotel for one last night before traveling south

Day number 5:

We will pack our bags and after breakfast we will drive towards the city of Jerusalem through the Beit Shean Valley, and even climb to a lovely viewpoint towards the Gilad Mountains.
When we arrive in Jerusalem we will settle in a hotel that will host us for the following nights and we will go for a walk in the city and experience the nightlife it offers

Day number 6-7:

In the following days, we will visit the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, the Old City, Nakvet and Ma'ain Shiloh, Ammunition Hill, Yad Vashem and other sites that are sacred to Judaism on the one hand, and related to Jewish heritage on the other.

Day number 8:

After packing our equipment, we will say goodbye to the city of Jerusalem and drive south to a spectacular view towards the Dead Sea, and then continue towards Masada. After visiting the site, we will drive to the hotel that will host us for the next two nights and is next to the Dead Sea beach

Day number 9:

We will start the day with a fascinating off-road drive through the scenery of Genesis in one of the area's streams, after which we will return to our hotel and use the rest of the day to bathe in the Dead Sea, and for those who wish, spa treatments (the spa treatments are not included in the package price)

Day number 10:

After loading the vehicles we will start driving back to the center of the country. On the way, we will stop at the "Mini Israel" site and also take a short tour of the Latrun site, after which we will continue and reach the city without stopping - Tel Aviv.

After a short rest at the hotel that will host us for the next two nights, we will go on an evening tour of Old Jaffa and then return to the hotel for the night.

Day number 11:

We will dedicate the last day of the trip to the city of Tel Aviv. We will start with a market tour with the smells and tastes that can only be felt there, and then we will continue towards the big shopping centers (how can you return home without buying a souvenir).
At the end of the day we will return for a last night in Israel before the flight back home

Day number 12:

After breakfast and loading our vehicles, we will drive towards Ben Shemen Forest for one last off-road drive before we return home, and at the end we will drive to the airport, return the vehicles, check in for the flight and... to duty free!
We will say goodbye with a taste of more until the next trip, we wish you a pleasant flight and return home safely

Please note -  By prior arrangement, you can extend the trip by three more days and reach the city of Eilat

Cost from $5850 per participant

Price and General Conditions
Based on a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 24 participants
The price is per traveler in a double room
The price is for four travelers in a car
Supplement for a single room: $150

The Tour Includes
- Flights
- Jeeps from the Suzuki Crossover category or similar
- Jeep team manager: Guide, rescue equipment, first aid and full picnic kit (cooking equipment and coffee kit)
- Fuel for the jeeps for the entire trip
- Walkie-talkie for every jeep
- Accommodation according to description
- Economy on a half-board basis
- Login to websites
- Tolls on the expressways
- Mineral water in the itineraries

Not Included in the Tour Price
- Travel insurance and personal baggage suitable for the nature of the activity
- Deductible reimbursement insurance in case of damage to the Jeep
- Personal expenses (soft drinks at meals, souvenirs, etc.).
- $85 holiday supplement
- Tip for the guide.
- Activities that are not under the "price includes" section

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