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Israel Private Tours: Unveiling the Adventure with Israel Jeep Tourism

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Israel is a country that has many beautiful sceneries, historical sites full of rich history and multiple cultures. This intriguing location offers something to everyone, from the ancient city of Jerusalem to the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv. One of the best ways to experience the mesmerizing beauty of nature in Israel is by arranging a private jeep tour. If you are an adrenaline lover or a curious traveler looking for an immersive experience then Israel Jeep Tourism has Israel private tours that will be right up your alley, taking you off the prescribed path and into the heart of Israel’s wilderness.

About Israel Jeep Tourism

Israel Jeep Tourism is dedicated to displaying the exceptional beauty of Israel, in a fun and adventurous manner. Our self-driving SUV tours, supplemented by professional guides, offer an innovative twist to traditional sightseeing. Rather than using the usual routes for tourists, we offer thrilling SUVs trips that will drive you off roads to discover Israel’s most beautiful and rare treasures.

Our Israel private tours have been meticulously designed to highlight the picturesque beauty of northern Israel; While we do visit well-known sites such as Masada National Park, the Dead Sea, and the Sea of Galilee we focus more on the lesser-known, authentic, and unique locations. Israel Jeep Tourism will show you a side of Israel you have never seen before.

Popular Jeep Tour Itineraries 

  • 10 Challenging Days of Off-Road Driving: This is good for families with teenagers and can be enjoyed over most seasons of the year due to the desirable weather in Israel. The travel plan consists of stunning off-road tracks and several bathing water sources. Begin your private family tours in Israel with an exhilarating rafting experience on the Jordan River, followed by a refreshing dip in the tranquil waters of the Sea of Galilee. While your journey continues further, you will be at the mineral rich Dead Sea, which is the lowest point of earth where you can float without any effort in its salty waters. Further down south you can venture into the Gulf of Eilat, famous for its colorful coral reefs and its rich sea life. Last but not least, have a swim in the sea of Tel Aviv and wrap up your journey. This tour is not exclusively for families – any group seeking a fun and adventurous water-themed off-road experience in Israel would find this itinerary enjoyable.


  • Kings of the Desert: Set out on an amazing 7-day vacation devoted to the appealing southern part of Israel. For those who value extreme sensations and breathtaking views, we have created this special tour. The tour features off-road driving through scenic streams and climbing to awe-inspiring viewpoints, immersing you in the raw beauty of Israel’s desert landscapes.. The peak of this travel period is a two-day stay in Eilat, the main seaside city of Israel where tourists relax on the azure beaches, visit vibrant coral reefs, and have fun in entertaining activities. This tour is sure to satiate your thirst for both adventure and relaxation, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the heart of the desert.


  • From Caverns to Craters in 9 Days: Take a 9-day trip of jeeping in Israel, combining northern Israel’s lush landscapes of the Jordan Valley and the Negev desert.This route is a tribute to Israel’s diverse geography and takes you across a variety of terrain, revealing the country’s hidden corners and less-traveled paths. While we make our way from the greenery in the north to ancient Jordan Valley and then onto the barren beauty of the Negev, feast your eyes on Israel’s most captivating landscapes. This tour truly encompasses everything that Israel is, giving any adventurous traveler a chance to completely lose themselves in its natural beauty and profound history so it will be a trip you would never forget.

Preparing for Your Jeep Tour

For your preparation before heading on your exclusive jeep tour with Israel Jeep Tourism, here is what you need to do: Dress in relaxed attire along with shoes suited for the rough terrain. Additionally, you will require sunscreen, a hat, and glasses to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Ensure you bring enough water and some light snacks to enable you to restore your energy. Lastly, remember to bring your camera and take a sense of adventure with you, for you are about to see Israel in a completely new light.


Israel Jeep Tourism allows you to personalize your Israel private tours  based on your interests and travel style. No matter if you are a nature enthusiast, a history lover or just an interested traveler – we have just the right tour for you. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get the best private tours in Israel with Israel Jeep Tourism, book your jeep tour now and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can jeep tours in the Negev be customized for different interests, such as photography or bird watching?

Indeed, Negev jeep tours can be adjusted according to the needs of various groups of people such as photography enthusiasts, bird watchers etc.Israel Jeep Tourism provides customized plans based on particular activities and attractions that are appreciated by everyone during the whole trip.

How does Israel Jeep Tourism promote environmental responsibility when participating in their jeep tours in the Negev?

An environmentally responsible company, Israel Jeep Tourism practices their jeep tours in the Negev using eco-friendly methods by staying on marked trails to maintain natural features and minimize garbage and pollution. They also use this as an opportunity to teach their visitors about the ecosystem of Negev and why it is important for them not to tamper with one of the cleanest places in Israel since there is so much pollution and unnecessary destruction of nature happening all over the world.

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